Letter of Reference

I am submitting this letterof reference for your potential clients.I have worked withDesiree Villeneuve on over 20 different projectsand shehas always completed assigned tasks efficiently without errorsand withoutthe need for any revisions. Her attention to detail and desire surpasscustomer expectations is remarkable.

She takes her assignments seriously and she does more than justdraftyour project. If she sees potential errors or concerns she is quick to pointthem out and is flexible in incorporating a solution at the cad level beforethe problem presents itself during manufacturing. Desiree is alsoknowledgeableabout manufacturing processes and technical aspects inproduct design and engineering which makes her a greatassisttoanyonewho could use her services.

Desiree Villeneuve assigned tasks ranged from converting solid models to2d cad filesto taking 2d cad drawings into3d solid models and adaptingand modernizing them to current standards. Her expertise goes far beyonda conventional drafting service and I am lucky to have found her.

With any project she takes an initial consultation to understand the client’sneeds andcompletes the assignment without the need for follow-up calls,unless a potential error or concern presents itself.

The fees for her services aremore thanreasonable and she is flexible tomeet your current needs throughout project designs and revisions.It is always a pleasure towork withDesiree.

Thank you for great service!!!


Stan McDonald