CAD Services File Retention Policy

CAD Services : File Retention Policy

Please be aware, that under local Engineering Licensing code, I am obligated to keep a copy of files, only for legal cases or legal inspections. Your files are you own, your Intellectual property is your own, (as you can see from the lack of…
Performance Hack 021 It Solidworks Performance Backups
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Performance Hack #021 : IT SolidWorks Performance : Backups

Hello fellow SolidWorks User. Greetings! and welcome to’s Performance Hack Blog Series to help you Save time in SolidWorks : ) Let’s get started today, and talking about Back-ups.  Recall Hack 19 where we set Anti-Virus settings…
Performance Hack 011 file Admin Automation Pack and Go
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Performance Hack #011 : File Admin Automation : Pack and Go

Overall Concept One of the most useful tools embedded inside SOLIDWORKS is the Pack and Go. It works great for file management and making sure your assemblies and drawings keep their references if you need to make a copy or send them out to…
Performance Hack 10 File Admin Automation Managing Files
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Performance Hack #010 : File Admin Automation : Managing Files

Overall Concept Many files and projects created in SolidWorks, the files are often saved in a convenient location, but without any defined folder structure. It is not until the project becomes extensive that users decide to go through the model…
Performance Hack 004 Solidworks Speed Performance Constant Rebuilding

Performance Hack #002 : File Admin : SolidWorks File References

Overall Concept The aim of this document is to provide the reader with an understanding of how the SolidWorks file structure and management works. To properly manage SolidWorks file system in SolidWorks, it is important to know what is contained…