Performance Hack 020 Parts Assemblies Working with Sketch Pictures
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Performance Hack #020 : Parts Assemblies : Working With Sketch Pictures

CONDITION: WHEN YOU ARE USING NEW DATA WITH OLD DATA Drop in the view that you have WITH DIMS. Aka sketch with sketch picture (make sure to create reference geometry with CONFIRMED DIMS). Now create a reference point that exists…
Performance Hack 018 Part Automation Weldment Profile
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Performance Hack #018 : Part Automation : Weldment Profile

OVERALL CONCEPT When you first install SOLIDWORKS you get a small amount of weldment profiles in the “Default Database”. This can be a problem if you need additional sizes and shapes not currently offered in the existing databases. In this…
Performance Hack 015 Parts Assemblies Automation Smart Components
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Performance Hack #015 : Parts Assemblies Automation : Smart components

Overall Concept: Smart components Smart Components and Smart Fasteners in SolidWorks 3D CAD software bring focused automation to the individual part level for designers and engineers, accelerating your design process, saving time and development…
Performance Hack 007 Parts Assemblies Fully Define a Sketch
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Performance Hack #007 : Parts Assemblies : Fully Define A Sketch

How to fully define a sketch. 1. First check if sketches are being solved or not. If it isn’t, needs to be enabled. Tools > Sketch Settings > Automatic Solve 2. Turn on Block Toolbar: 3. Box select everything, and accept block.…
Performance Hack 005 Parts Assemblies Automation Equations and Linking Dimensions
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Performance Hack #005 : Parts Assemblies Automation : Equations and linking Dimensions

Overall Concept: In this tutorial, you will learn some of the advanced tools that are used to increase the productivity in the Part, of SolidWorks. These tools are used to create equations in part modeling. Equations are mathematical relations…