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SolidWorks Performance Hack #024 : SolidWorks IT Automation Installation : how to fix equations red symbols !!!!

so your computer installed something and now your poor equations show up red. You try a repair and nothing is fixed. what could be the solution? (you checked that during the repair, that you are full admin, you check that UAC are off, and you disable any and all anti-Virus’s) and it’s ** still broken […]

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SolidWorks Performance Hack #023 : SolidWorks Surfacing : How to “measure” at a specific Surface point

Hi There! Welcome! In today’s topic working with Surfacing, and this might be you imported a file, and now it’s a collection of surfaces and bodies, or perhaps you’re in surfacing land and being tasked to do something. so you open the measure tool, and you select the surface, the measure reference “points” often are […]

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Performance Hack #022 : SolidWorks : Training Sources, Certification Exam Approach

first I’m going to post how you can find online SolidWorks training and student license. I don’t know how much access you have to the software, which you will need to practice for the test… TRAINING SolidWorks training. That’s a pretty loaded question, and can also depend on your specific objectives of training. check out […]

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Performance Hack #021 : IT SolidWorks Performance : Backups

Hello fellow SolidWorks User. Greetings! and welcome to CADGuru.ca’s Performance Hack Blog Series to help you Save time in SolidWorks : ) Let’s get started today, and talking about Back-ups.  Recall Hack 19 where we set Anti-Virus settings to ignore SolidWorks processes and files types.  Well this is along similar lines, and is relevant to […]

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Performance Hack #019 : IT Solidworks Performance : How to set Windows Defender Exceptions

HOW TO SET WINDOWS DEFENDER EXCEPTIONS HELLO FELLOW SOLIDWORKS USER. GREETINGS! and welcome to CADGuru.ca’s Performance Hack Blog Series to help you Save time in SolidWorks. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the Easiest ways to improve SolidWorks performance on your PC hardware. If you have Windows Defender, or any similar Anti-Virus […]